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Director of Product Marketing
Piper currently leads product marketing at BioRender, one of Deloitte's top 25 fastest-growing companies in North America. Prior to this role, Piper led product and brand marketing at DataGrail to secure a $45M Series C, launched Splash's virtual events platform during the COVID pandemic to sustain healthy YoY growth, and established Tableau's core enterprise positioning to accelerate revenue growth from $200M to $850M ARR. Across his career, Piper has developed passions for speaking as one voice as an organization by being equal-parts realistic and opportunistic about product-market fit. He believes in close partnership with technical and revenue-facing leaders to keep the brand drumbeat going without burning out people, processes, or tools. Outside of work, Piper enjoys hiking with his dog, playing tennis poorly, and swinging a hammer at whichever home renovation project his partner points him at.
12 June 2024 16:15 - 16:45
Hijack the funnel: Turning product launches into pipeline machines
Don't get caught with launch plans that terminate in a product page, on-demand training video, and gated whitepaper. As a product marketer, you have the skills and audience to generate demand with the best of them. Whether it's leveraging a funding round announcement, tying your roadmap to current events, or storytelling in turbulent market winds, you can transform standard market and positioning research into rich, top-of-funnel campaigns that sales, CS, and product will adore. Come learn what product marketing's role is in a value-selling-first world. You'll cover: - Putting market research on tap, so your insights are always fresh - Marrying roadmap development to your buyer's pain points (not just your user's) - Guaranteeing market story resonance - and compelling campaign themes - Replacing product launch processes with activations that capture attributable revenue This one's for the marketers who are ready to take their pillars beyond ease, beauty, and scale.