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Chief AI Officer
Lara Shackelford is the CEO and Founder of, a consulting firm specializing in AI and Data strategy across customer interactions. She has played pivotal roles at Intel, Oracle, QLIK and Microsoft and contributed to Marketo and Guidewire's success. With two decades of experience in Data and AI, Lara has driven growth at startups like DataStax and Looker, achieving six exits. She is honored as a Top Voice in AI by LinkedIn and a leading CMO by DataCaptive and DiversityFirst. Lara is an active advisor and investor in the data and AI space and has served on the Gartner Technology Marketing Customer Advisory Board and Women@Intel - Sales & Marketing Board.
13 June 2024 11:00 - 11:45
Achieving mastery in AI readiness and strategic development
As your company prioritizes sustainable growth, the need for strategic insight in product marketing becomes ever more crucial. Join Lara Shackelford, CEO of, three-time CMO with previous roles leading product marketing at Intel and demand generation at Microsoft, alongside Karrie Sanderson, expert AI strategy consultant and former CMO of Typeform. In this enlightening session, you will delve into the transformative impact of AI on marketing. Lara and Karrie will lead you through critical stages of AI readiness, from data analysis to strategic formulation, showcasing how AI can improve competitive positioning, enhance customer segmentation, and ensure executive alignment. You will gain invaluable insights on converting AI capabilities into tangible strategic marketing advantages, fostering significant business impact.