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Product Marketing Lead
Strategist, product marketer, and consulting leader with 10+ years experience in technology, social impact, and e-commerce, with companies such as Meta (Facebook, Instagram), Formative Consulting (with Microsoft, The Gates Foundation), Amazon, and KPMG Management Consulting. Caitlin has deep knowledge of the digital/social marketing, artificial intelligence (AI), social impact, and e-commerce space through owning projects from strategy to execution/implementation. Her core strengths are in devising and implementing product and marketing/sales strategy, with a focus on go-to-market (GTM), inbound research and insights development, and product roadmapping.
12 June 2024 11:15 - 12:00
Panel: Getting to the heart of customer needs
Learn how to decipher the underlying motivations driving consumer decisions and leverage this knowledge to inform the product roadmap. Join this session to explore the heart of customer needs and unlock the key to sustainable business success.