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Transform your product

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Develop your PMM knowledge, reach the next level in your career, and walk away with ideas and learnings you can apply to day-to-day projects.

Grand Hyatt Seattle

721 Pine St, Seattle
June 11, 2024
9AM - 5PM

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June 11 & 12, 2025

The ultimate product

marketing course

Trusted by the world's largest brands, Product Marketing Certified: Core (PMMC) is the gold standard, recognized by CIM and CPD.

Dive into the most comprehensive PMM course covering the A to Z from pricing to positioning, sales enablement to OKRs, with practical insights and real-life stories. Led by a seasoned PMM expert, this accredited course will equip you with the theory and frameworks to elevate your career and drive success for your product and company.


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During our summits you’ll

be able to...

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Meet in person for either one or two-day certification workshop taught by an industry expert and absorb the knowledge of like-minded PMMs.

Group activities

Endless networking, lots of opportunities to ask questions, take part in group activities and pick the brains of your peers.

Official certification

After your learning, you’ll be Product Marketing Certified accredited by CPD & CIM (provided you pass the exams).

Your instructor,
Jason Williams

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Founder and Product Marketing Expert, br8k

Jason Williams is the founder of Br8k, a consultancy and growth studio that helps companies unlock breakthrough brands and products. Clients include investors, founders, and executives at a16z, Instacart, Cider, Macmillan, Meta, Google, and more. He previously served as Head of Consumer Product Marketing at Uber.

Jason is an MBA graduate of the Yale School of Management and lives with his wife and daughter in Seattle.

Jason will also be one of the speakers at Product Marketing Summit on June 12, 2024.

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you'll get

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Delivery of the most extensive curriculum that'll enhance your knowledge and skill set on PMM. Fact.

A-Z of product marketing

Product Marketing Manager

Official accredited PMMC® certification if you pass all the exams that are certain to spice up your professional portfolio.

CIM and CPD-accredited certification

Product Marketing Manager

Chance to connect and work alongside like-minded PMMs in person.

Build your network

Product Marketing Manager

The hottest

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Access to invaluable bonus footage and all course content for life - even fresh updates.

Non-stop learning

Product Marketing Manager

Access to 20+ templates and frameworks.

Build your toolkit

Product Marketing Manager

Chance to pick your instructor's and fellow peers brains at post-course drinks.

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June 11 & 12, 2025


it works

  • Your (carefully chosen) instructor will take you through the program, with real-life examples.

  • Throughout the learning, there'll be lots of opportunities to ask questions and take part in group activities.

  • After your class, you’ll be given access to all the lectures on-demand, as well as bonus footage, for life.

  • Join virtual weekly workshops - forevermore - for additional, group mentor calls.

  • After you've completed your exams? You’ll be Product Marketing Certified.


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June 11 & 12, 2025

Certified PMMs

earn $16,732 more

  • This course will not only guide you through every single pillar of the product marketing function, it’ll equip you with unlimited real-life, tried and tested techniques and case studies.

  • You'll master the art of getting products to market, testing, iterating, and keeping them there, walk away equipped with templates and frameworks ready to implement the next day, and so much more.

  • Fun fact: 43% of those looking to get into PMM secured their first PMM role within 3 months of course completion.


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All of our plans include the same features, but can be discounted if you would like a group booking or have a membership plan with us already.

Product Marketing Certified: Core

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✓ 1 day interactive workshop ✓ Learn with like-minded PMMs ✓ Q&As, workshops, activities ✓ Get certified in a single day ✓ Access to content for life


Pro+ membership

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✓ Over $16,000+ in value ✓ Includes Summit pass + In-person course ✓ Mentorship program ✓ 22+ Certifications ✓ Access to every PMM Summit, OnDemand ✓ PMM Hired ✓ 130+ exclusive content pieces ✓ 100+ frameworks & templates ✓ Member-only events & networking sessions ✓ Livestream to every virtual event
PMMC: Core + Product Marketing Summit

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✓ 1-day interactive workshop & 2-days Summit sessions ✓ Get certified in a single day ✓ Learn with like-minded PMMs ✓ Q&As, workshops, activities ✓ Access workshop content for life ✓ Summit recordings OnDemand ✓ Networking events ✓ Refreshments, lunch & happy hour ✓ Invitation to community network

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