Director of Product Marketing
Virgin Pulse
Paige is a strategic marketing leader with 15+ years of mar-com experience across digital and traditional marketing practices. Paige is equally excited about the creative brainstorm as the marketing analytics and passionate about people. In her spare time you'll find Paige rock climbing, hiking, camping, kitchen dancing, chasing her kids at the local playground, and otherwise improvising, imagining, or exploring.
25 May 2023 09:15 - 09:45
Bringing the band together: building a product marketing team that rocks
While larger companies need a band of product marketers in order to produce the best results, smaller companies or startups might run with a solo act. But what if your company size is somewhere in the middle? It’s a fine balance to figure out how many product marketers you need, clearly define the role product marketing plays in your organization, and gain support from other company stakeholders. During this workshop we will talk about the critical roles on your PMM team, PM to PMM ratios, and scaling for business needs.