Founder & CEO
Derek Osgood is a former marketing exec turned founder, building Ignition – the collaborative GTM platform helping product and marketing teams to get new products to market faster and more effectively. Prior to founding Ignition, he was an early hire at Rippling where he stood up the product marketing function and helped scale the company to a $6B+ valuation. As a product marketing leader everywhere from startups to major brands like PlayStation, Derek has launched over 100 products and his products have generated over $1B in revenue. Now he’s building the platform he wished he had along the way.
24 May 2023 09:15 - 09:45
We have lift-off: turning your launch process from chaos to competitive advantage
Does launching products, features, or campaigns feel a bit like (dis)organized chaos to you? GTM done well drives revenue, rallies internal teams, and is a powerful tool for shaping positioning. Done not-so-well, shoddy launches confuse customers and internal teams, and create costly inefficiencies. So how do we as PMMs make sure every new launch goes off without a hitch? This presentation will focus on how to build a repeatable, scalable GTM process — from getting info out of Product, to communicating plans internally to align stakeholders, to measuring and proving the ROI of your efforts post-launch. We’ll explore how top companies turn their launch process into a powerful tool to accelerate growth.