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Senior Product Marketing Lead
Sophie solves complex product and marketing problems by diving deep, finding patterns, and connecting dots. Her beliefs include: - The voice of the customer is her guiding light - No authority is required to lead; just trust, empathy, and open communication - Cross-functional alignment eats strategy for lunch - If it's broken, she'll fix it - If it's working, she'll grow it Sophie is a visionary leader with a 15-year track record for finding unique market opportunities and innovative ways to solve customer problems, put brands and products on the map, build high-impact teams, and grow revenue.
11 April 2024 13:45 - 14:15
Unleash your go-to-market superpowers with generative AI
This hands-on session will explore how you can leverage the power of gen AI tools to supercharge your go-to-market planning, channel strategies, and product launches while maintaining a customer-centric mindset. By the end of this session, you will have had the opportunity to use generative AI tools and experience their potential firsthand. Key takeaways: - Understand the possibilities and limitations of gen AI in product marketing, and how to leverage it effectively across various functions - Learn best practices for using gen AI to enhance go-to-market planning, channel strategies, and launch execution while keeping customers at the center - Gain insights into how to integrate AI-generated content and insights with human expertise, empathy, and strategic thinking to create compelling and authentic connections with your customers - Explore tips and tricks for using popular gen AI tools, including free options, to streamline and optimize your workflows