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Vice President of Product Marketing
Shelby is a strategic WW B2B SaaS marketing team leader focused on identifying areas of growth opportunity and leading purposeful change with proven track record of revenue growth and KPI achievement. She has 20+ years experience in marketing and team management. She is a team leader known for listening to understand, excellent communication, cross-functional collaboration and aligning team members for maximum performance and career enjoyment. Shelby is proficient at targeting both technical and business buyers through self-serve/PLG, partner and enterprise sales channels. She has extensive experience managing multi-product portfolios, including evaluating and bringing new products to market, across SMB and enterprise segments.
11 April 2024 10:00 - 10:45
Panel: Being an internal champion and driving impact
Uncover skills essential for advocating and championing your product within your organization. Learn how to align cross-functional teams, communicate effectively with stakeholders, and navigate internal dynamics to amplify the impact of your product marketing initiatives.