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Director of Product Marketing
Jay is a direct, driven, enthusiastic, and engaged product marketing lead. Making the most of opportunities with customers by being a curious and thoughtful decision-maker is critical to being the highest impact team member that he can be. Telling the story to customers in a clear, concise, and relatable manner is Jay's most important skill and he believes it is critical to find a common understanding as a product is brought to market.
11 April 2024 09:30 - 10:00
Buckle up: It’s time to startup as a PMM
Embark on an immersive exploration of the pivotal role product marketing managers play in startups, delving into their unique position as the "First Marketer" and discerning key priorities. You'll navigate the uncharted landscape of being a PMM in a startup, uncovering similarities and differences compared to enterprise-level roles. Learn how to develop a strategic plan of attack, from building a flexible PMM organization to scaling safely during hyper-growth and managing inevitable contractions. This session culminates in a reflective examination of whether the startup path is right for you, providing insights into evaluating opportunities, making the leap, and exiting without burning out.