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Vice President of Product Marketing
Elissa is an experienced marketing leader with 18 years of success in driving digital go-to-market strategies and creating impactful messaging and content across both B2B and B2C segments globally. Elissa thrives in fast-paced, ambiguous and entrepreneurial environments where she is known to foster cross-functional collaboration and is driven to deliver exceptional results with speed. Elissa is consistently awarded a top people leader ranking and strives to promote DE&I initiatives in the workplace with a focus on mentoring and sponsoring women.
13 June 2024 11:45 - 12:30
Panel: Enhancing empathy for successful cross-functional collaboration
You will delve into practical strategies and exercises aimed at cultivating empathy within teams. Learn how empathy strengthens communication, builds trust, and fosters a deeper understanding of colleagues' perspectives and challenges. From product development to go-to-market, this discussion is set to propel your organization toward growth and alignment on shared goals.