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Senior Director of Product Marketing
Angela is a senior marketing leader, experienced and passionate about scaling new businesses and revitalizing mature businesses. She specializes in launching new products, creating growth strategies, building operating rhythms and rigor, and empowering teams to achieve exceptional results amid pressure and change. Angela is a speaker on customer experience, employee experience, leadership and management excellence, committed to elevating leadership and mentoring future leaders for business and people's well-being.
13 June 2024 14:30 - 15:00
Ten tips to uplevel your leadership
In the age of AI, leadership takes center stage as an irreplaceable human asset. But it is more challenging than ever, with the increasing speed of operations, and demand on leaders from executives and their employees in the age of AI. Join Angela who has led mature category leaders as well as new startup products, to hear how she has applied the enduring leadership principles at Microsoft to achieve impact: Creating Clarity, Generating Energy, Delivering Success. She will share toolkits like OKRs, stories about authentic leadership, and principles and mindsets. She looks forward to starting a dialogue with the community on tips and tricks.