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Senior Director of Product Marketing and Pricing Strategy
Ismail is the Senior Director of Product Marketing and Pricing Strategy at Mimecast. His primary focus is in SaaS product, monetization & Go to market strategy from startups to fortune 500 global organizations. He has extensive experience and success in driving organizational alignment on product strategy and roadmap, product led growth, go to market approach, pricing and internal operational excellence. Ismail is a builder and leader of impactful distributed teams that utilize a market research and hypothesis driven approach to drive strategic alignment at the executive level and ensure ruthless execution with cross functional operational teams. A few of his core principles *The power of positive psychology, leadership and can do attitude *Frequent candid, to the point communication with empathy and care *Consistent cross functional collaboration *Utilizing the principles of design thinking in strategy development *Focus on outcomes & impact, not activities *Frameworks, organization, forcing trade offs to align on clear goals, planning and action *Being available for my colleagues, reports and leaders *Having my ideas challenged *Enjoying what I do on a daily basis