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Vice President, Product Marketing
Becky Park is an international product marketing leader, with a successful track record in overseeing global programs, identifying innovative ways to drive growth and building effective GTM and enablement programs. Most recently at TransUnion, Becky led a team of 15 product markets across three continents growing a $2.2 Billion credit risk and data analytics product portfolio. Prior to TransUnion, Becky held global product marketing roles at Experian, where she championed an identity and fraud platform that was about to be canceled. With improved positioning, the platform grew to $100M in revenue over the next three years. Becky has built two consulting companies - one focused on strategic marketing and the other to help B2B tech companies go international. She holds an MBA and a Masters of Science in International Business from the University of Colorado Denver. Becky lives in Austin. When she's not traveling, she can be found practicing and competing in Scottish Highland Games.