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Director, Product Marketing
Katie Carroll is a marketing leader with over 15 years of experience in the technology sector, currently serving as the Director of Product Marketing at Empyrean. Specializing in product marketing, sales enablement, and content creation, Katie is a passionate pioneer, often referred to as a “founding PMM” for her role in creating and shaping the product marketing function within various organizations. As an advocate for HealthTech and Benefits, Katie leverages her consumer-focused background to bring a unique perspective to redefine how people choose and use the best benefits available to them. Her collaborative efforts with the Product Strategy and Engineering teams are pivotal in developing market-facing messaging that highlights the value of Empyrean's offerings. In her current role, she is constantly inspired by the power of AI to transform how we engage with benefits and healthcare. It’s never about replacing the human element but amplifying it. By integrating AI with product marketing initiatives, Katie demonstrates how technological advancements can complement and elevate human efforts, underscoring her commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the field.