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Ann Marie
Young, RDMS, RVT
Global Director Product Marketing, Point of Care Ultrasound
Philips Healthcare
Ann Marie Young boasts a remarkable 29-year career in Diagnostic Ultrasound, specializing in Radiology, Vascular, and Point of Care Ultrasound Imaging. With diverse roles, from Product Application Specialist to Sales Executive, she has navigated both upstream and downstream functions and product development at renowned medical companies. Currently leading the Global Product Marketing Management team for Point of Care Ultrasound at Philips Healthcare, Ann Marie is a trailblazer in the industry. In her pivotal role, Ann Marie champions the "Voice of the Customer," focusing on Critical Care areas where Ultrasound is crucial for efficient bedside diagnoses. She shapes sustainable product portfolio roadmaps infused with AI, crafts compelling value propositions for new products, and executes effective go-to-market strategies. Her leadership extends to Sales Channel development, Regional Sales strategies, and impactful Marcom Asset development. Ann Marie's unwavering passion lies in supporting clinicians, ensuring the delivery of quality and safety through ultrasound product development. Collaborating with colleagues, she actively shapes the future of Ultrasound Technology within Philips Healthcare and contributes to solutions across the entire medical portfolio, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.