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Head of Product Marketing
Alexandra Sardarian is the Head of Product Marketing for Coursera for Business, a leading EdTech company transforming 140M+ lives through learning. She holds over 15 years of experience building and scaling global B2B Product Marketing and Go-to-Market (GTM) teams accelerating revenue growth and best-in-class customer experiences. With nearly a decade in AI tech and a deep commitment to empowering talent, Alexandra was instrumental in launching Coursera’s Generative AI (GenAI) Academy, the first of its kind, helping organizations unlock innovation and productivity across all levels of their business. As a fierce champion of customer voice and data-driven insights, she helps deliver differentiated offerings and compelling roadmaps that inspire teams and outpace competitors. Outside of work, Alexandra enjoys playing tennis, getting out on the water, and carving turns on the slopes. She’s an active member of the ANA Educational Foundation, volunteering her time mentoring graduate students and serving as a guest lecturer across top-tier business programs. She lives in Naples, FL with her fiancé and Great Pyrenees rescue.