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Executive Director of Ad Product Marketing
The New York Times
Valerio has been serving as Executive Director of Ad Product Marketing at The New York Times since May 2022. His team is responsible for all digital advertising products across the Times portfolio of offerings: News, Cooking, Games, Wirecutter, The Athletic, and Audio. Prior to joining the Times, Valerio held B2B and B2C Product Marketing roles at Google and Meta. Born and raised in Italy, Valerio received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and his M.Sc. in General Management from LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome. Valerio moved to San Francisco in 2014, and to New York City in 2019. An avid skier, Valerio’s favorite job outside of marketing was as ski instructor in college.
22 March 2024 13:30 - 14:15
Panel: Product marketing in context - An in-depth cross-industry analysis
In the wonderfully weird world of product marketing, one of the most frequent questions PMMs face is "What exactly is the role of the product marketer?". Well, the truth is really the age-old "it depends". Join this panel discussion to see how product marketing leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds view product marketing, both in their organization and the wider global landscape. Whether you're a B2B, B2C, scaleup, or multinational product marketer, you can find huge value in seeing just how PMM looks elsewhere, and be sure to take home some key learnings on how you can enhance your own function.