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Vice President of Product Marketing
Devon is the Vice President of Product Marketing for Infosum, the leading global data collaboration and clean room platform. Devon has over 15 years of experience helping the world’s top brands, agencies, publishers, platforms, and walled gardens build better and safer data-driven strategies that drive real results. At Infosum, Devon is responsible for bringing next-generation data collaboration and clean room solutions to market that provide superior connectivity, privacy, and security. Prior to InfoSum, Devon led product marketing teams at Transunion, Curalate, PointRoll and other marketing and advertising organizations. Devon is a father, podcast host, musician, and privacy advocate.
21 March 2024 17:00 - 17:30
Transforming global challenges into business-level solutions: The power of packaging, positioning, and privacy
As product marketers, it's our job to be at the intersection of product, sales, marketing, and the broader industry to tell the right story for the right audience, at the right time. Our role is to translate what's complicated or complex into a compelling narrative that drives revenue. But what happens when your industry is facing larger holistic challenges that may distract or distort your value proposition? Is it the PMM's responsibility to address a prospect's business and technical needs, but it's a PMM's superpower if they can also solve for their societal and ethical challenges. In this session, Devon DeBlasio, VP of Product Marketing, at InfoSum will discuss how to combine product-level feature functionality with industry-level trends and challenges to deliver a winning go-to-market strategy. Practical and real-life stories from the field about how global policy and regional privacy concerns can be used to drive a compelling product roadmap and business strategy. Let's discuss how we as product marketers can design a narrative that goes beyond the product itself to drive demand and investment at a deeper level.